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Gross blood-ghost lady.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Concept art for a thing. Maybe a game thing. Working on it with a friend

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Weekend doodle

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For a friend

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Some drawings I did for someone else’s story. Actually, it’s more of a collaboration. The point was a generic anime female character archetype roll-call.

  1. Tsundere
  2. "Younger"-type
  3. "Older"-type
  4. Emotionless Rei-clone.
  5. Dante.

Too many fetishes.

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Not really satisfied with the colors yet.

Posted 1 year ago

I wanted to fill it up with just Lanette/ Jacket. Apparently I don’t draw them as much as I think I do.

A whole year’s worth of junk. I still don’t see any improvements.

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Concept art.

"Baska", "Eritz", and "Fae". Two of them were posted here before. These guys are part of a three-man team that hunts down and eradicates supernatural crimes.

Kind of like Hellboy and the BPRD. Except instead of a demon spawn, a psychic fish and a creepy pyro chick, you have a shark, a purple kangaroo, and a ghost that looks like a robot (but isn’t really one).

Baska is the muscle, Eritz is their home base correspondent, and Fae is in charge of spooking people’s guts off.

If Baska looks terribly uncomfortable, that’s probably because he is. You can’t fit a guy that big into an ironed uniform without cramping a few places. He probably wear something comfier while punching evil spirits in the throat.

Posted 1 year ago

WIP. I love drawing snow gear.